Creative Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet
Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet
Oct 24th

Refinishing kitchen cabinets – Hi readers! Check this out to get Creative refinishing kitchen cabinets. Refinish your kitchen cabinets are an inexpensive way to refresh and update your kitchen, adding color, depth, dimension, visual interest and texture. Surprisingly, probably you will not have to hire a professional for this job. There are many ways you can do this work yourself. It is much easier than you think.
Paints and Dyes
Refinishing kitchen cabinets to give them a new lease on life. Choose light colors to help make your kitchen seem more spacious. Try a faux painting technique like painting rag, wrinkle paint or sponge painting. This will help add depth, dimension and texture to your kitchen cabinets.
Carve designs in your kitchen cabinets when you are refinishing them. You do not have to be a master carver adds simple designs. Consider hiring a professional for more complex or sensitive designs.
Replace the hardware when you are refinishing kitchen cabinets. For a shabby chic kitchen kitsch or you can use matching hardware for a whimsical effect. Add buttons, stickers and other decorations for doors and handles. Try to cover the Yanks with fabric that coordinates with your window treatments.

How to Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing kitchen cabinets – Apply a coat of primer to the sanded surfaces after the dust has been removed. Apply the first coat of paint after the primer has dried. Hair must be generous and even to minimize the need for a second layer. But if a second coat is required, it must also be applied uniformly. Use a roller to cover large surfaces flat, and a brush or a foam brush to irregularly shaped surfaces. After painting the cabinets and doors with a light colored paint, sand the edges of the doors and face frames.
Then wile dark brown stain on the refinishing kitchen cabinets and sanded the edges to create an old world look surface. Distressing aging is another technique that requires “a beating” your cabinets with household tools such as hammers, chains and nails. A dark spot was then dried over doors and face frames. The spots will meet in the affected areas and will as accumulated dirt on them.
If you refinishing kitchen cabinets with staining, apply the dye to the timber with foam brush. Wipe the excess stain with a clean cloth. The stain will not have to sit in the timber for a long time. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying and removing stains the best results.

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How Should I Cost for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing kitchen cabinets – Professional cost: Refinishing kitchen cabinets involves stripping to its original appearance, such as wood or metal bare naked, then re-staining or repainting them. In 2007, the professionals pay between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 to refinish cabinets kitchen average, according to Phelps Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing. Do it yourself: Finishing take long, but someone who wants to save money, do not worry about the extra time investment, you can do the work themselves. In 2010, the average employment kitchen cabinet refinishing costs about $ 200 homeowners to do it themselves, according to HGTV. This only accounts for materials, however, and do not sweat equity.
Return on Investment: Refinishing kitchen cabinets not only make a nicer home visually, but also increase the value of a homeâ € ™ s. Simple projects such as refinishing kitchen cabinets increase the resale value. In 2008, projects minor kitchen remodeling recovered nearly 80 percent of its cost at resale value, according to the National Association of Realtors.
Consideration: If you choose to refinishing kitchen cabinets yourself, make sure you understand what your cabinets need to look good. Paint works well on wood cabinets. Metal cabinets, however, need special paint to prevent chipping and peeling. Refinishing cabinets yourself only saves money if you do it the right way the first time.

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